At Congressum, through our network of trade and regulatory affairs experts, communications professionals, and business entrepreneurs, we have the experience to assess the major constraints that may block or limit the expansion of your brands in Canada. Moreover, we are eager to help you identify suitable alternatives to overcome those obstacles. Our goal is to facilitate sales growth through efficiencies, and most importantly, smart-go-to-market strategies

The sustained growth of bilateral trade between Canada and the United States has been driven by the integration of production activities in both countries, changes in consumption patterns, and heightened economic activity across border regions. At Congressum, we focus on leveraging those interdependent relationships between governments, business people, and consumers to tackle persisting trade irritants for the benefit of our clients.  

We believe in trade liberalization across borders and a larger global market for all. 

We believe in the power of trade to bring people together and to lower costs for buyers, sellers and consumers. 

We focus our attention not only on direct costs: freight charges, insurance, marketing and promotion. We also know how to address indirect costs: financial cost of transit times, search costs, unexpected legal and brokerage fees, and currency volatility! 

Why you should consider exporting to Canada:

In FY 2022, Canada continued to be a top destination for US agricultural exports, which amounted to US$28.4 billion, according to the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service

Canada is the number one export destination for US consumer foods, US$22.2 billion!

Did you know that two thirds of Canadians live within 100 km or 62 mi. of the US border? 

From west to east, the metropolitan areas with the largest populations: Vancouver, 2.7 million; Calgary, 1.5 million; Edmonton, 1.4 million, Toronto, 6.5 million; Ottawa-Gatineau, 1.4 million; and Montreal, 4.3 million.